Guest Speaker 15th Sept Hetty Johnston from Bravehearts

The Lions Club of Sanctuary Cove Hope Island are fortunate to have Hetty Johnston founder of Bravehearts as or guest speaker on Monday 15th September 2014.

Our Lions Club is proud to support the good work carried out by Hetty and her team at Bravehearts.

Bravehearts’ key purpose is to educate, empower and protect Australian kids from sexual assault.

Since its inception in 1997, Bravehearts has successfully moved this once taboo subject out of the shadows and into the light. As a result of its persistence, this distinction was acknowledged and supported by the Commonwealth Government and its COAG partners via the National Framework for the Protection of Australia’s Children (2009-2020).

It is only through increasing general awareness, increasing skills and capacity building for those working and living with children, preventative strategies, education and strong policies and legislation that we can accomplish Our Mission – to stop child sexual assault in society. Our specialist services are instrumental in preventing the sexual assault of Australian children and giving hope and healing to the most vulnerable and precious members of our community – our kids

If you are not a Member of the Lions Club & you would like to attend please email the Secretary here