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Fiji Appeal Letter

Appeal Letter from past members of our Lions Club

Hi Everyone,

As you know we are very involved with Fiji and therefore the Fijian/Indian people of our island Savu Savu which has been devastated by Çyclone Winston.      We would like to start a charity appeal, not for money, but for general necessities that so many people of Savu Savu are now lacking.

Because their crops have been flattened they now cant earn any money to replace daily needs and their houses have been wiped out so they have lost their clothes, the children their toys and many many other things.

We hope to get this appeal up and running when we get back from Fiji as we will know more about exactly what they need and who is doing what.     However, immediately there is a family of ten that was in a house right on the beach that was just completely wiped out and they are left with zilch.

So if you have any spare childrens clothes ages 2 to 10, toys,  adult summer clothes for 2 ladies one a little stout and 2 men also one a little stout (which could be shirts, shorts, or light long trouser, sandles)  we will take them with us next Saturday 5th March midnight flight.

Anything you may have you can just leave on our verandah or we will come and pick them up. Just send us an email or get them to Nick and Sara Fry

Vinaka vekelevu (thank you very much)

George and Robbie Read

Want to help please contact
Sheree Rarasea – 0422 215 196