Lion Tony offering a friendy welcome

Lion Tony Hopkins 40 Years Service

Lion Tony Hopkins was recognised for 40 Years of Service to Lions

The presentation took place on the 17th August 2015 at the Lions Club of Sanctuary Cove Hope Island’s Dinner Meeting at the Dragon Cove Restaurant in Sanctuary Cove.Lion Tony Hopkins 40 years pres by 1VDG Graham Jackson Presient Dave

Tony was awarded a certificate and silver pen by 1st Vice District Govenor Graham Jackson and President Dave Cane for his Lions Club, Sanctuary Cove Hope Island

Lion Tony Hopkins 40 Years a Lion

Tony was married to Auriol for 57 year, Auriol passed away on the 27th July 2015. Tony is a father of 3 sons

He joined the Lions Club of Taree NSW on 1st July 1975 at the age 38.  Tony was a member of Taree Lions Club for about 22 years.

When Tony was introduced to Lions at that time the Taree Lions Club was made up of mainly professionals, Doctors, Solicitors & Accountants. However it was the local Butcher Max Hurrell who introduced Tony into Lions.

At the time Tony was a struggling truck driver, his truck was an old International, Tony carted rabbits to butcher shops. On the back of his old rig was picture of a big sausage with the words “Super Sausage on the Move”

Tony moved, and transferred to other clubs including; Lion Tony Hopkins with President Dave being presented pennant from Lion Tony's previous club Redlands City 17 Aug 2015
Foster Lions Club for about 3 years
Tamworth Lions Club for about 5 years
Redland City Lions Club for about 20 years
In 2014 Tony became a member of the Lions Club of Sanctuary Cove Hope Island.

Top – Lions Tony being presented the 40 Year Service Certificate and a special  engraved silver Lions International Pen. Pictured with 1st Vice District Govenor Graham Jacko Jackson and President Dave Cane – Lions Club of Santuary Cove Hope Island.

To the right – Lion Tony and Present Dave being presented with a pennant from Tony’s previous Lions Club Redlands City Lions Club.