Lions Medical Research News Winter 2016

The Lions Medical Research Foundation Newsletter Winter 2016

The Lions Medical Research Foundation is committed to raising funds for Medical Research to improve the quality of life for the present and future generations.

What is Lions Medical Research Foundation…….LMRF Baby
Well, from a small beginning at the 201A Lions District Convention in 1963, it was formed.

Members must be very proud of the success of the Foundation and the wonderful researchers. Just think of how many of our female population are grateful for Professor Ian Frazer and his research into Cervical Cancer. Not just in Australia, but throughout the world. We are proud that we gave him his start. So many people would not see the sun rise and set if not for the outstanding optical research carried out by Professor Lawrie Hirst. Just think
how many mums and dads could be left desolate with the death of their newborn if not for Professor Paul Colditz, another dedicated researcher.

They were our past, but past is not a word they understand. They keep looking forward and plan to reach higher levels. They are the symbol of hope.

Now, Dr Tracey Bjorkman is being funded by the Foundation for the second three year term. Her research is Hypoxic Injury (lack of oxygen to the brain) during premature birth. Seizures and brain injuries, neuroprotective therapies, Perinatal GABA receptive development. She is currently on a medical breakthrough and shortly to go to clinical trials.

If we went back to the beginning we would think about Dr John Healy, our very first researcher, who in the 1960’s, became the forerunner in Tissue Typing which led to groundbreaking kidney and liver transplants.

The Foundation is proud to announce its 43rd researcher Dr Carlos Salomon. Dr Salomon’s research involves the better understanding of the origins and cause of ovarian cancer and the screening and prevention by altering the profiles of exosomes. There are 225.000 reported new cases of Ovarian Cancer each year.

The research and breakthroughs are only possible through the generosity of your donations. So what does it mean – it means hope for the future.

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