Sally winning Card Draw May 2015

Members Card Draw Won By Sally

Congratulations Sally Winning the 2nd Only Card Draw

At the Social Meeting in May 2015 Sally drew the Joker for the Pack of Cards during the Members Card Draw. By winning the raffle Sally won $792 for her $5 investment. Sally winning Card Draw May 2015

So you ask,
Q/ “How does the Members Card Draw Work”

A/ At every Social and Dinner meeting held by the Lions Club of Sanctuary Cove Hope Island Members can buy raffle tickets in the Members Card Draw at $2 each or 3 for $5. During the meeting a raffle ticket is drawn and that winning Member selects a card from the pack of cards. If the member selects the Joker (only one in the pack) then they win the jack pot from previous Card Raffles.

However if they select any other card from the pack, that card is destroyed and the pack of cards has one less card for the next meetings card draw. The money collected from the raffle is divided 50/50, half into the Card Raffle winning pot and the other half goes into the clubs general account to help subsidise members fees and help with running costs of the club.

So the idea of the Card Raffle is to have a bit of fun, encourage 100% attendance and to subsidise membership costs.

The inaugural Members Card Draw went down to the very last card & that was won by Kaz in 2013 & the amount was over $2,000.